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Students and articled clerks – many of whom are also musicians, adventure travelers, athletes and more – play an active role in client meetings, closings, mediations, administrative hearings, examinations for discovery, trials and more, and are encouraged to pursue their diverse personal and community interests outside of the Firm.

What’s it like to work at Stewart McKelvey? Ask a summer student, articled clerk or one of our key contacts, or take a look at our frequently asked questions.

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The Innovative Firm

At Stewart McKelvey, innovation is who we are. It’s what we do. We’re always working to keep our clients ahead of change, and finding ways to deliver efficiency and cost certainty like never before. Quite simply, we think: forward. And we want you to think forward, too. A market leader in practice innovation, your time spent with our experienced lawyers and staff will open your eyes to the possible, not the impossible, when it comes to meeting and exceeding client expectations in the age of today.

We sat with Firm CEO and Managing Partner, Lydia Bugden, QC, and our innovation team led by Chief Innovation Officer and Partner, Paul Saunders, to hear about Stewart McKelvey’s journey over the last five years to become a leader in practice innovation in the region:

Innovation Boot Camp for Students

At Stewart McKelvey, it's our mission to develop T-Shaped Lawyers - individuals who bridge the gap between the practice of law and other disciplines. They lead and support projects to advance the practice of law and respond to the evolving needs of our clients.


We’re thrilled to introduce our new partnership with the Institute for the Future of Law Practice (“IFLP”).


Commencing in 2021, annually, 35 of our law students, articled clerks and lawyers will participate in IFLP’s online Modern Law Practice certification course. The course will equip participants with critical skills that are increasingly needed to help modernize legal practice. Our partnership with IFLP is a core component of our Practice Innovation strategy that has the goal of developing a culture of continuous improvement, learning and change throughout
Stewart McKelvey. IFLP has become an integral part of our law student and lawyer development programs as we
aim to embed innovation into the DNA of our Firm.


Articled clerks will benefit from hands-on exposure to practical tools and skills that they will be able to put into practice at their time at Stewart McKelvey. They will learn the basics of legal technology, process improvement, project management, document automation, pricing and data analytics. Students will further benefit from learning about Stewart McKelvey’s unique approach to practice innovation that has been finetuned over six years and the completion of hundreds of tools and processes that have had far reaching benefits for the Firm, its people, and its clients.

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