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We provide clients with value beyond our strong legal services relationship. In addition to flexible pricing, we work diligently to keep our processes lean in order to provide legal services in a quick, efficient, and cost-effective manner.

Our Firm’s practice innovation strategy is led by our executive and full-time Chief Innovation Officer and Partner, Paul Saunders, who has been recognized nationally for his work in innovating legal service delivery. Paul has training in Lean Six Sigma process improvement and works regularly with our team members and clients on pricing and process improvement initiatives. We have expanded this role to include two full-time associates (also trained in Lean Six Sigma process improvement) to support our client service teams.

To hear about the Firm's journey over the last five years to become a leader in practice innovation in the region, we sat down with Lydia Bugden, K.C., Paul Saunders and innovation associates Kathleen Leighton and Kimberly MacLachlan:


Some of our process improvement tools include:

Customized pricing that meet the goals, objectives, and expectations of our clients. Clients advise us that some of the main benefits of our pricing options include: increased cost-certainty, transparency, and efficiency. Some of the pricing options we offer include fixed fees, budgets, phased fees, subscription based fees, and fee collars.

Automated document assembly templates that enable the creation of error-free and highly customized standard form legal documents. In addition to reducing the time required to generate standard form documents, our clients appreciate mitigating the risk associated with human error that can occur in document production.

Shared client workspaces where we can securely share documents and information with our clients. Our client workspaces significantly reduces the volume of e-mails on certain matters and results in efficiency gains by reducing the time required to find content and the risks of sharing confidential information through e-mail.

DocuSign to facilitate the electronic signing of legal documents using a computer, mobile, or tablet. DocuSign has been used extensively by our firm in executing legal documents remotely in various types of transactions. We also have an understanding of electronic document enforceability and can advise accordingly.

Closing Folders to organize, manage, and streamline transactions through online closing checklists and automatically generate signature pages, signature packages, and closing books. Closing Folders is fully integrated with DocuSign to provide quick and efficient transaction status reporting and updates to clients (click here to read our case study).

Digitized process maps linked to various tools and templates to provide our clients and supporting legal teams with step-by-step instructions on how to effectively carry out routine legal processes. In assisting our clients with process improvement initiatives, we will often work to identify waste and inefficiencies in processes to support the development of strategies and action plans that drive the necessary behaviours.

Legal project management competencies to handle any legal file with efficiency, transparency, and cost-effectiveness in mind.

Coaching for in-house counsel teams to optimize efficiency through customized solutions in process improvement, legal project management, data analysis, legal technology, document automation, and change management.

These technologies and our approach to client service has fostered deep loyalty among our clients regardless of whether they do business locally, nationally, or internationally.

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