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Brendan Peters


Queen’s Marque
600-1741 Lower Water Street
Halifax, N.S.
B3J 0J2



Language(s) spoken: English, French

Bar Admission(s): Ontario, 2020; Nova Scotia, 2021

With a focus on litigation, Brendan’s practice covers a wide variety of fields. He has appeared before provincial superior courts and federal courts of Canada, and represented corporate clients in litigation with respect to intellectual property. Brendan has also been a part of actions dealing with issues of infringement and damages in regards to pharmaceutical, petrochemical and digital technologies. He is reliable, diligent and consistent in his work so that his clients are updated throughout their case, and are informed of how to reach their goals fastest and most efficiently.

Education & Career


Dalhousie University, BSc, 2011
University of Toronto, MSc, 2016
Dalhousie University, JD, 2019


Canadian court establishes new approach to fee awards in Allergan v Sandoz, Apr 1, 2021, IAM Magazine, Brendan Peters and Jonathan Stainsby.

April 01, 2021

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